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Amusement Park Track Train For Kids

Amusement Park Track Train For Kids

amusement park track train for kids Guangzhou Hansel company are in the business of amusement/entertainment rides for children. We are a professional train amusement rides manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We lease electronic train amusement rides to people who are interested in owning and...

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amusement park track train for kids






Guangzhou Hansel company are in the business of amusement/entertainment rides for children. We are a professional train amusement rides manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We lease electronic train amusement rides to people who are interested in owning and operating their own mall /game center, amusement park business.

Electric trains can make a wonderful, long-term investment for park attraction or personal entertainment business in malls, square, center, plaza.

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1. Product specifications of amusement park track rides

Model No.

HS7302 circus track train

Product name

Track train rides

Power supply


Track length


Head train size


Carriage size



14 passengers

Main material

Fiber glass body and metal base




6-8 KM/H

Start model

Control cabinet

Packing size


2. Our amusement park train rides include :

lighting, music, speakers, foot brake, handbrake, steering wheel, throttle, turn signal

Length of the train:

Can be customized according to the actual site to increase or decrease train set

Used place:Indoor or outdoor


3.FAQ of track train

Track trains can make a wonderful, long-term investment whether you’re doing business for profits or enjoying them in your backyard.

1)electrical requirements for train
110V /220V outlet with a 20 amp breaker.

2)length of the track for train
Usually it is 31 meters. You can also buy additional track if you need more.

3)The surfaces the track can sit on

A train can sit on anything flat floor. If the train is to be set inside of the shopping mall, game center, some floor covering needs to be installed between the track and any hard floor surface to cut down operating noise and also to protect the floor surface.

4)Time for track train
The train runs on an adjustable timer, the factory setting time is 3 minutes.

5)Indoor or outdoor use:
Both are ok.

6)Loading capacity for track trains
Most trains are for 8 or 14 kids.

7)safety fence

For safety, it is highly recommend for a fence. A typical fence is set a minimum of 3’from the edge of the track.

8)Is site selection within a mall important?
Site selection in a mall is critical to operating success. If it is Christmas time,try to get near Santa Claus; at Easter, get near the Easter Bunny. Try to be where the kids are!

4.Workshop of amusement park train rides



Package: Bubble + stretch film + wood

Delivery time : 12-15 days after receiving the deposit.

Payment terms: TT, western union, Money gram. 40% deposit and 60% before delivery.

Trade terms : EXW, FOB, CIF, C&F

Please email with any additional questions. We look forward to getting a train shipped out to you!

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Trackless train is a kind of popular amusement park train usually applied in theme park , amusement park, scenic area or shopping mall. It usually consists of a locomotive and several train carriages which are connected by a hinge. And each carriage is mounted with four pneumatic tires without track for running. A commander can drive the locomotive to drag tourists in the following carriages on cement road, asphalt road or indoor playground. As a transportation tool and tourism tool , trackless train is a perfect choice for visitors who expect more fantastic scene or are reluctant to walk due to tiredness. In addition, they are an important tourist attraction due to special shapes and passenger-carrying functions.

Trackless train is a  all over the world. Our trackless trains are put into use at recreation area, pedestrian street, fairground, and supermarket, which is convenient for visitors as well as brings profit to park or mall owner. According to materials composition, trackless train ride made in our factory are FRP trackless train. The FRP trackless train for sale adopts fiber reinforce plastic materials, with properties of lightweight and high strength, corrosion resistance, good electricity and good thermal performance.


Guangzhou Hansel Electronic Co., Ltd was found in 2012. The company's investors have ten years experience in children amusement industry.With professional sales, integrated R&D team and effective teamwork, Guangzhou Hansel Electronic Technology Co., LTD is one manufacturer in the business of amusement/entertainment rides, indoor playground, inflatable products for children.Those items are flexible for FEC, amusement parks, shopping malls, hotel,parties, rental, etc. Hansel’s kids amusement games gain fast and durable profits for the customers and enjoy a high reputation all over the world.

Our mission is to provide safe entertainment rides and equipment to all those who wish to be a part in the growing niche of child entertainment. We wish to help people provide safe and fun entertainment to children in malls,parks, arcade, game centers and promenade settings all over the world.

Hansel’s target is promoting healthy kids amusement industry and bring happiness to the kids all over the world.

Hope you can join us and work hand by hand, we believe Hansel will make the world much more colorful.


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