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Commercial Kiddie Ride On Stuffed Animals Play Machine

Hansel commercial kiddie ride on stuffed animals play machine 1.Specification of stuffed ride on animals 2.Product introduction of Hansel plush animal toy ride Hansel plush motorized animals are battery powered with token or non token can move in any flat ground,people from all ages can ride on...

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Hansel commercial kiddie ride on stuffed animals play machine 

1.Specification of stuffed ride on animals

Material: black paint steel tube frame (external diameter: 25mm,thickness:2mm ),fireproof animal design plush cover

Control box: time ,coins , volume ,music control,1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes

Coin Counter: LED display, can not be cleared till 100000

Diameter range of token: 18-30mm.
Thickness range of token: 1.2-2.5mm.

Charger: 12V/1.5A charger, one charger for one machine

Battery: chargeable, 12v/22A , charge 4-6 hours to play 6-8 hours

Music: In SD card, can change music by yourself

Speed: 30-60m/min, the speed is related to the ground and weight of players. The more smooth of the ground, the faster of the rides.

Bearing Capacity: 150kgs (Parents can ride with kids)

Player: 1-88 years, fun for all people

Available place: shopping mall, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playground, game center, parties, events, show,school playground,family yard, etc

Main market:Hansel plush ride on animal toy are sold to over 100 countries. They are most popular in European and South American countries such as USA, Spain, France, UK, Colombia,Russian Federation, Chile, Venezuela, Netherlands, etc.

Certificate: CE,ASTM

2.Product introduction of Hansel plush animal toy ride 

Hansel plush motorized animals are battery powered with token or non token can move in any flat ground,people from all ages can ride on it for fun,it is a simple investment which are with great profits.More and more people has find the market for it.Will you join this business? 

3.Available paces for Hansel animals 

Most of our clients put the animals in Shopping mall,game center,amusement park,outdoor playground,ect.some of clients buy the animals for rent or for family entertainment.Where do you want to put the animals?

4.Hansel animals feedback



5.CE and ASTM certificate 


6.Maintenance for Hansel animals


7.FAQ of Hansel animals

1)How long can you set a ride to be?

You can set one to nine coins to be worth one to nineteen minutes of riding time.

2)What type of battery does a motorized animal have?

The battery is 12V, 22A. When fully charged it can be used for six to eight hours, however, the battery is rechargeable.

3)What is the maximum capacity for our motorized animals? 

Our motorized animals can hold approximately 150KGS. This allows parents to be able to ride with young children.

4)What is the motorized animal’s working voltage?

They can work at both 220V and 110V.

5)On what types of surfaces the motorized animals will ride on?

The motorized animals will work best on flat surfaces such as indoor floors and pavement. 

6)How old do you have to be to become a rider for those Animal? 

Most children ages 3 and above can maneuver and steer the large size animals without help. Younger children would need extra supervision from an older child or adult. We can also offer small size motorized animals for children under 4 years. 

7)Where are popular places motorized animals are used?

Motorized animals are often seen in shopping malls, parks, arcades, and game centers. However, it is becoming more and more popular for people to rent motorized animals for various types of parties and events. Some businesses also purchase motorized animals to resell them.Some parents also buy animals as gift for their kids. 

8)Do you have any suggestions to new business starters? 

First, you can put the motorized animals in a special area with fences around. 5 square meters space is enough for one ride. 

Second, no need special area, just let the walking rides run all over the shopping mall or game center. 

Third, you can rent the motorized animals to the parties, events.  

Forth, You can run the business in the game center,kids playground.

9)How many hours the motorized animals can be used? Is it easy to charge? 

The battery is 12v, 24ah, normally charge 4-6 hours to use 6-8 hours. when the speed slow down, the battery should be charged. Usually our customers charge the battery during night to keep it can work well in daytime.

10)Please provide enough details about the process of importing this motorized animal rides to my countries. 

Firstly please advise the quantity you need and sea port, we will make the proforma invoice for you to confirm, then you can arrange payment and choose models, secondly we arrange production and shipment, finally when goods arrive at your seaport, you ( or your custom agent) take the custom files to clear custom and pick up the goods.

11)Which countries your clients come from? 

USA, Australia, France, Vietnam, Ecuador, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Chile, UK, Germany, New Zealand, India, Russia, Egypt, Portugal, Mexico, UAE, Thailand, Canada, Peru, Bahrain, Switzerland,Netherlands, Argentina,Venezuela, Iraq, Turkey, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Sweden, Panama,South Africa, Romania, Ukraine, George, Jordan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Malaysia,Nepal, Palestine,Morocco, Algeria, Hungary, Singapore,Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands Antilles, Nigerial, Indonesia,Kingdom of Bhutan, Sudan, New Caledonia, Fiji, Austria, Norway, Burma, Uganda, Mongolia, Botswana, Ireland, Bolivia,Costa Rica,Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Paraguay, Honduras, etc.

8.Customer come to visit our factory 


9.Hansel related products 

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