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Furry Ride On Animal Scooters

Welcome to visit furry ride on animal scooters 1.Customer visiting for furry ride on animal scooters 2. Product parameter of furry ride on animal scooters : 3.Products FAQ of furry ride on animal scooters: 1)How long can you set a ride to be? You can set 1 to 9 coins to play 1to 19 minutes of...

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Welcome to visit furry ride on animal scooters  


1.Customer visiting for furry ride on animal scooters


2.Product parameter of furry ride on animal scooters :

Product name: furry ride on animal scooters

Bearing Capacity: 150kgs (Parents can ride with kids)

Music: In SD card, can change music by yourself

Certificate: CE,ASTM

Coin Counter: LED display, can not be cleared till 100000

Control box: time ,coins , volume ,music control,1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes

Charger: 12V/1.5A charger, one charger for one machine

Battery: chargeable, 12v/22A , charge 4-6 hours to play 6-8 hours

Available place: shopping mall, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playground, game center, parties, events, show,school playground,family yard, etc

Speed: 30-60m/min, the speed is related to the ground and weight of players. The more smooth of the ground, the faster of the rides.

Material: black paint steel tube frame (external diameter: 25mm,thickness:2mm ),fireproof animal design plush cover

Diameter range of token: 18-30mm.

Thickness range of token: 1.2-2.5mm.

Player: 1-88 years, fun for all people

Main market:Hansel plush ride on animal toy are sold to over 100 countries. They are most popular in European and South American countries such as USA, Spain, France, UK, Colombia,Russian Federation, Chile, Venezuela, Netherlands, etc.


3.Products FAQ of furry ride on animal scooters:

1)How long can you set a ride to be?

You can set 1 to 9 coins to play 1to 19 minutes of each riding time. The maximum is 19 minutes.

2)What type of battery does an animal scooter have?

The battery is 12V, 20A. When fully charged it can be used for six to eight hours, however, the battery is rechargeable.

3)Advantages of Hansel plush motorized animals: 

A.Safety is the first consideration for Hansel walking animals. Green painting of tube, fireproof plush and fine texture, soft, not wool, not ball, don't rub off 

B.Simple and easy investment, fast and high profits. 

C.Free spare parts for maintenance, 24 hours on line service 

D.Sales and technicians have been doing motorized animal business for 10 years.So we can always give you more professional support. 

E.With CE and ASTM certificate. With MSDS report for battery. 


4)Hello, we are located in ,please tell us the cost with shipping. 

We just can ship the animals to your nearest sea port ,please tell us which sea port is close? Thanks. 

5)What are animal scooters?

Animal scooters are motorized scooters with lovely animal coverings. It can allows one adult ride with kids together. 

4.Hansel company offer two systems of furry ride on animal scooters. 

Coin operated system: 1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes. Normally 90% customers choose coin system, if they run run business in shopping mall, game centers, playground, amusement parks.


No coin operated system: control the movement with the left hand button. It is no time controller. When press the button, it will go. When release the button, it will stop. Some clients choose non-coin zoo ride to rent them to the parties or buy for their kids.It is good for rental business like parties, events, show, advertising, shopping centers, etc 


5.Products stock of furry ride on animal scooters. 

In order to shorten the deliver time, we have plenty of stock products for you. There are different types :Such as Lion, octopus, Rhino, Panda, Monkey, Elephant, Unicorn, Bull, Cat, Horse,Tiger, Rabbit, fox, and Dog,etc.


6.Introduce of furry ride on animal scooters

Hansel furry ride on animal scooters are coin operated or time setting amusement rides that work with rechargeable batteries, can go forward and turn left and right with music. They are the current trend for child amusement. These electric motorized animals are mobile and allow children to ride the animal of their preference in parks, shopping centers, game centers, playgrounds and zoos at a safe and regulated speed of preference. 


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