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Welcome to visit Hansel website for plush motorized animals. Motorized animals are coin operated or time setting amusement rides that work with rechargeable batteries, can go forward and turn left and right with music. They are the current trend for child amusement. These electric motorized...

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Welcome to visit Hansel website for plush motorized animals.

Motorized animals are coin operated or time setting amusement rides that work with rechargeable batteries, can go forward and turn left and right with music. They are the current trend for child amusement. These electric motorized animals are mobile and allow children to ride the animal of their preference in parks, shopping centers, game centers, playgrounds and zoos at a safe and regulated speed of preference. Both children and adults may ride these animals at the same time. The delight in kids is absolutely guaranteed!



Details of Hansel motorized animals

Gross weight: 32kgs

Bearing Capacity: 150kgs (Parents can rides with kids)

Speed: 30-60m/min, the speed is related to the ground and weight of players. The more smooth of the ground, the faster of the rides.

Music: In SD card, can change music by yourself

PU Wheel:one 6 inch and three 4 inches wheel,stable and durable.

Motor: DC12V, 4.7A, 3000r/min

Control box: time ,coins , volume ,music control,1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes

Coin Counter: LED display, can not be cleared till 100000

Battery: chargeable, 12v/24A , charge 4-6 hours to play 6-8 hours

Charger: 12V/1.5A charger, one charger for one machine

Player: 1-88 years, fun for all people

Package size: 119*66*89 CM

Load Capacity: 40 pcs/20GP, 80pcs/40GP, 90pcs/40HQ

Certificate: CE,ASTM


System of plush motorized animals:

Coin operated system : 1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes. Normally 90% customers choose coin system, if they run run business in shopping mall, game centers, playground, amusement parks.

No coin operated system: control the movement with the left hand button. It is no time controller. When press the button, it will go. When release the button, it will stop. Some clients choose non-coin zoo ride to rent them to the parties or buy for their kids.It is good for rental business like parties, events, show, advertising, shopping centers, etc.

Questions you may ask about our motorized animals.

What kinds coins or tokens need for coin operated plush motorized animals?

We use CPU coin acceptor for motorized animals. It can accept any coins/tokens which the diameter is 18-30mm and thickness 1.2-2.5mm.

Do you sell spare parts also?

Definitely we also sell spare parts separately. Usually our clients buy some basic spare parts in stock. In that case, they can do maintain by themselves.

Which kind of music for Motorized animals?

There are English music in SD car for battery motorized animals. You can also change the music by yourself.

How old do you have to be to become a rider for those Animal?

Most children ages 3 and above can maneuver and steer the animals without help. Younger children would need extra supervision from an older child or ault.

How many hours the motorized animals can be used ? Is it easy to charge ?

The battery is 12v, 24ah, normally charge 4-6 hours to use 6-8 hours. when the speed slow down, the battery should be charged. Usually our customers charge the battery during night to keep it can work well in daytime.


Advantages of Hansel plush motorized animals:

A. Safety is the first consideration for Hansel walking animals. Green painting of tube, fireproof plush and fine texture, soft, not wool, not ball, don't rub off

B.Simple and easy investment, fast and high profits.

C. Sales and technicians have been doing motorized animal business for 8 years.So we can always give you more professional support.

D. Free spare parts for maintenance, 24 hours on line service


Feedback from clients about Hansel plush motorized animals

Hansel plush motorize animals have enjoyed good reputation all over the world. Usually the clients can give reorders within 15 days after running business.


Suggested uses:

1.Malls: We provide a kids attraction and entertainment to your local mall or shopping center. We are keeping pace with world trends in delivering safe, quality rides that add value to their environment.

2. Kids Parties: This classic motorized plush electric animal scooter will make your next party a hit. Our electric animal scooters allow children and adults to have endless fun with their six to eight hours of battery life.

3. Conventions and promotions: Should your convention or promotion need an attraction for kids of all ages and a moment of peace for the parents, Hansel plush motorized animals are the best choice.

4. Corporate functions: Does your company organize family days and need a kid’s activity? Our rides are a great alternative that will keep kids occupied all day long.

Suggestions to new business starters

First, you can put the motorized animals in a special area with fences around. 5 square meters space is enough for one ride.

Second, no need special area, just let the walking rides run all over the shopping mall or game center.

Third, you can rent the motorized animals to the parties, events.

Forth, You can run the business in the game center,kids playground.


We provided safe and fun amusement plush motorized animals to you

Our mission is to provide electric moving animals plush motorized animals to all those who wish to be a part in the growing niche of child entertainment. We wish to help people and provide safe and fun entertainment to children in malls and promenade settings to people all over the world.

It is important to the company to provide safe and fun entertainment to children. Moreover, it is important to us to make success possible for all those who wish to own a mall business.
Although our animals will be used to entertain children, our main target market is the entrepreneurs who wish to focus on mall crowds with young children.

Details about the process of importing this motorized animals to your country.

Firstly please advise the quantity you need and sea port, we will make the proforma invoice for you to confirm, then you can arrange payment and choose models

Secondly we arrange production and shipment

Finally when goods arrive at your seaport, you ( or your custom agent) take the custom files to clear custom and pick up the goods.

Package and delivery of motorized animals


Customers come to visit Hansel plush motorized animals

Guangzhou Hansel company are in the business of amusement/entertainment rides for children. We are a professional motorized animals manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We lease electronic moving animals /plush motorized animals to people who are interested in owning and operating their own mall business.


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