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Coin Operated Entertainment Children Kiddie Ride

Coin operated entertainment children kiddie rides 1. Product introduction of coin operated kiddie rides Kiddie rides are specially designed for kids to ride. There are small kiddie rides types and also larger kiddie rides types. The main kiddie rides in the market are coin operated with a CPU...

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Coin operated entertainment children kiddie rides


1. Product introduction of coin operated kiddie rides

Kiddie rides are specially designed for kids to ride. There are small kiddie rides types and also larger kiddie rides types. The main kiddie rides in the market are coin operated with a CPU coin acceptor. It is a coin-operated amusement ride for small children. After inserting a coin or token, the kiddie rides start working. While kids are riding on it, the kiddie rides swing with music and games. They are quite attractive for small kids.

The swing set of kiddie rides provides kids with a safe and waving music seat. It is powered by electricity and operated by inserting coins. As for a professional manufacturer of kids amusement rides equipment,you will find all kinds of attractive appearance and various models that can attract kids in our company. Safety is taken into serious consideration. A child under three-year can only get on the ride with the help of an adult. Moreover, the machine is easy to install, operate, handle and maintain.

Kiddie’s rides are commonly available in amusement parks, arcades, malls, hotel game rooms and outside supermarkets and discount department stores.The owner can get investment back in a short time.


2. Product specifications of coin operated kiddie rides

kiddie rides type

MP3 kiddie rides, UFO design kiddie rides

Mode No.

HS6303A kiddie rides

Product Size


Product seat

2 seats for kids playing


coin operated and electrical

Main material

fiber glass body, metal base stand

Main parts

control box, motor, CPU coin acceptor,

Bearing capacity

50KG for each seat


In SD card or USB

Play time

MP3 kiddie rides (2-5 minutes)


car oil painting for fiber glass, no harm for kids


MP3 kiddie rides ( 1-5 years)

Business place

game center, shopping mall, store, parks, shops, hotel , indoor playground, etc



3. Product features and applications of coin operated kiddie rides

1) Our kiddie rides include stronger metal base and high quality fiber glass reinforced plastic body. We use environmental oil painting. All the kiddie rides are with smoothness surface.

2) We use high quality motor to make the kiddie rides working stably and offer strong support.

3) We have over 100 different designs of kiddie rides such as animal designs, car kiddie rides, train kiddie rides, boat kiddie rides, helicopter kiddie rides, etc.

4) Our customers are all over the world for kiddie rides. With fast delivery, stable quality and effective service, we keep many business partners with long - term business cooperation.

5) We have CE certificate for all our kiddie rides.


4. Products qualification of our coin operated kiddie rides -How to buy kiddie rides easily

Same kiddie rides for sale in same size or similar designs, but price is different in large range. For the same device, why the price is so different , how to choose cheap products with good quality.

1). The style of the kiddie rides: For children, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and sweet music are the first elements to attract them, the first time to make a good impression on visitors, then they will become your customers, and the style should have a certain meaning, because of the special meaning people believe that will bring good luck or other good thing, so that they will continue to try, and then become your stable customers.

2). The quality of kiddie rides: ensuring the normal operation of kiddie rides is the most basic, if a customer on the ride of your kiddie rides when the problem occurs, certainly will affect the customer's mood to play, they will think your product is not good, this will lose some of the old customers. In order to attract long-term customers, must convince customers believe that your product is good.

3). The materials for kiddie rides: paint effects at the factory must be fresh, bright and light. For fiber glass products, only using automobile paint can achieve such an effect, if paint effects is bleak, work is very rough, the ride must be fade under the wind and sunlight for less six months, because preliminary work is not well done, the late effects is of certain bad. The decoration on the whole kiddie rides is fiberglass parts, so this part must be elaborated.

4) Manufacturer's qualifications:If a manufacturer don't have production qualification, there is no corresponding documentation procedures, then you are buying an kiddie rides without identity card; , the quality will not guaranteed.


5. The common sense of kiddie rides

In the kids amusement park , usually there is a Note which are installed in eye-catching place , read it carefully before riding, do not climb over the fence. passengers must wait outside in the security fence.

1) Children are not allowed to ride kiddie rides alone.

2) Passengers should order the command of staff . up and down the car, please note your head and feet, so as not be bumped or fell.

3) Do not stand for taking pictures: when rides in operation, must not be arbitrary stand or squat and take the pictures.

4) Take care of your own items: when it’s running, we should take good care of our own goods, never outward scattered and throwing. For some decorations that easy to fall, Please take off them in advance.

6. How to be a kiddie rides operator?

Many people think that if you want to operate an Kiddie Rides must have qualifications, some of the big boss can invest Kiddie Rides, and we such small family have no money to invest it. If there are thus ideas, I think you are definitely wrong, anyone can participate in Kiddie Rides. Kiddie Rides investments are not necessarily those big bosses can buy, we small and medium sized family can afford it. With the development of the times, many people have taken a fancy to Kiddie Rides to make money, but often do not know how to operate and finch . As a result, a good opportunity are missed. In actually, Kiddie Rides are same as other industries , there are Amusement Park Equipment ,these devices are relatively stimulating, of course, the price is not cheap. For the small and medium sized family is indeed a bit difficult, but most of the Kiddie Rides prices should be acceptable to many people, such as indoor Kiddie Rides, large inflatable toys, water Kiddie Rides.

Firstly, Kiddie Rides operation must choose the place with large flow of people, so that we can attract more people to earn more money.

Secondly, choose the right object, usually the Kiddie Rides is for children, so when we choose the venue, we can choose place which have relatively high correlation between children. Someone would say that it will make money to invest Kiddie Rides to make money in the rural areas? To be sure that as long as flow of people are enough,you can make money absolutely. Although in rural areas charge lower than city, but small profits and good sales, the number of children playing will increase, we still can earn money. Of course, if conditions allow, it is better to invest in city, because consumption concept between city and rural are different, you make money sooner.


7. FAQ of Hansel coin operated kiddie rides

1)How much weight can your kiddie rides stand

Our kiddies rides can bear 50 kg (110.23 lb) per seat. Moreover, they can withstand up to 80kg (176.37 lb) per seat one moment in time.

2)Can your kiddie rides work with different voltage & frequency specifications

Do not worry! We will customize our kiddie rides to your voltage & frequency specifications. We have plenty of experience exporting our products all over the world.

3)Do your coin acceptor work with different national coins?

Sure. We use CPU coin acceptor for our kiddie rides. I can accept any coin/token which the diameter is 20-28mm and thickness is 1.2-2.5mm.

4)What parameters could I program on your kiddie rides?

Music ,Sound volume, number of games per coin, game time,etc

5)What is the machines warranty period?

The main spare parts (control box, motor)have 1 years warranty period.

6)How can I maximize income from a kiddie ride?

The location is the most important. If no kids can find the ride, it will generate NOTHING.

Keep the ride clean!

Rotate your rides frequently between locations. Kids grow tired of riding the same ride continually.

7)How to clean the kiddie rides

Cleaning kit contents: toothbrushes, WD-40, window cleaner, putty knife, rags, etc.

8)How much does the ride cost to operate?

The cost to operate a ride over the course of a day is less than a continually running light bulb.

9)Where can I find spare parts of your machines?

We can also offer spare parts separately . You can buy some common parts for stock while buying machines.

8. Coin operated kiddie rides in workshop




9. package and delivery of kiddie rides


Guangzhou Hansel Electronic Co., Ltd was found in 2012. The company's investors have ten years experience in children amusement industry.With professional sales, integrated R&D team and effective teamwork, Guangzhou Hansel Electronic Technology Co., LTD is one manufacturer in the business of amusement/entertainment rides, indoor playground, inflatable products for children.Those items are flexible for FEC, amusement parks, shopping malls, hotel,parties, rental, etc. Hansel’s kids amusement games gain fast and durable profits for the customers and enjoy a high reputation all over the world.

Plush motorized animals are one of our key products. We lease electronic moving animals /plush motorized animals to people who are interested in owning and operating their own mall business.

Our mission is to provide safe entertainment rides and equipment to all those who wish to be a part in the growing niche of child entertainment. We wish to help people provide safe and fun entertainment to children in malls,parks, arcade, game centers and promenade settings all over the world.

It is important to the company to provide safe and fun entertainment to children. Moreover, it is important to us to make success possible for all those who wish to own a mall or center business.

Hansel company provide high-quality products, effective after-sales service, faster delivery and most competitive prices. OEM and ODM order is also available.

Hansel’s target is promoting healthy kids amusement industry and bring happiness to the kids all over the world.

Hope you can join us and work hand by hand, we believe Hansel will make the world much more colorful.


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