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Fiber Glass Amusement Kiddie Rides

1. Details of kiddie rides 2 Features 1.The kiddie ride are humanized and come with elegant design,educational music,comfortable seats and kids will have fun while parent are at ease for the safe design. 2.Super strong bearing of the kiddie rides , the max bearing weight is 50kg/seat which can...

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1.Details of kiddie rides

Type: we have single - stand kiddie rides, double -stand kiddie rides,video kiddie rides, luxury kiddie rides,kiddie rides with educational games,etc for your choices

System: the kiddie rides are coin operated and electric rides

Main Material: they have metal base and fiber glass body

Screen size: the screen is 11'-17'

Main spare parts: kiddie rides main spare parts are control box, motor,CPU coin selector, LCD screen (only for video kiddie rides), etc

Bearing Capacity: the kiddie ride can load 50KG for each seat

Available place:they can put in shopping mall, amusement park, hotel, indoor playground, game center, birthday parties, events, advertising, rent,etc.

Play time :you can set 1-4 coins to play 2-5 minutes for each ride

Music: there are English music In SD card,you can change music by choice

Painting: they are using car oil painting, green paint, it has no harm for kids

Age for player: the kids are 1- 6 years like these ride


2 Features

1.The kiddie ride are humanized and come with elegant design,educational music,comfortable seats and kids will have fun while parent are at ease for the safe design.

2.Super strong bearing of the kiddie rides , the max bearing weight is 50kg/seat which can bear 2 kids for one time

3.The kiddie rides are with Green environmental protection material high quality fiberglass which is made by hand,they are paint with green oil,it does no harm for kids and the rides can working both indoor and outdoor.

4.the kiddie ride are come with Low energy consumption,it has best quality system which is safe and power saving.

5.some kiddie rides are With USB card or SD card,you can change music by yourself,

6.Hansel kiddie ride are come with hardware base and nice appearance fiberglass body which will attract more kids to play with it.

7.The metal base kiddie ride can bearing a large weight.

and strong enough bear two kids for one time.

8.The kiddie rides are with nice appearance and competitive price.The owner can get investment back in a short time.

9.They can be put both indoor and outdoor such as amusement park , aqua park, theme park, indoor game center, shopping mall, super market, parks, streets, etc.

10.We have a lot of kiddie rides Models and designs like motor kiddie rides,helicopter rides, ride on animal kiddie toy,coin operated boat kiddy ride. train swing rides,car kiddie rider,animal video kid ride,tank children riders,plane kiddie toy,arcade kiddie machines,luxury children ride with games,etc

11.There are good market in Europe and American countries.

We have designs like mouse,panda,duck,fish,drummer,toddler, horse, car, motor,rabbit, boat,etc.

12. Hansel kiddie rides some are come with MP3,MP4 and interacting games which make the rides become much fun

13. We can also design for your kiddie ride if you need it with our professional team for design and production

3.Advantages of Hansel kiddie ride

1. We have various designs kiddie rides for you to running business,rides with fashion design and led light and small fun games which is interesting and attractive for kids,most of our clients can get their investment in a few weeks.

2. High strength fiberglass kiddie ride and metal base stronger enough to bear a huge weight,all the material are original and vehicle paint green paint which make the kiddie ride look more beautiful and smooth to touch.

3. Professional after-sale team for your service,we are 24 hours online,you can find us anytime.

4. We have professional stuff to do the high quality control for kiddie rides,all of the kiddie rides are well work before they shipped to your country.

5. We have long term relationship with our agent who are experienced and mature professionals,our agent can help you do the custom clearance and do the local transportation,we surely provide best service for you.

6. Hansel main products are animal ride,kiddie ride,inflatable products,indoor playground,game machine,ect.if you need them at the same time,we can supplier these products,and you don’t have to find so many suppliers to buy them all.

7. We have ten years experience in this industry,and we surely can give most useful suggestions of these amusement equipment.welcome to find us to inquiry useful suggestions.

4. It can be put in

Amusement park ,shopping mall,supermarket,game center,aqua park,theme park,indoor playground,streets,store,hotel,KFC.ect



6.Frequent questions

1.What is Hansel kiddie rides?

Kiddie rides is also called coin operated amusement rides, fiber glass rides, coin kiddie rides, kiddy rides, children operated rides, coin kids ride, fiber glass toy rides, etc. There are two main parts : up fiber glass and metal base.

2.The reason to invest kiddie rides

Coin operated kiddie rides are easy for management. You can run business in the shopping mall, supermarket, amusement park, stores, restaurant, hotel, KFC, etc. Put kiddie rides somewhere, the players can insert coins to play them. It is no need for a special person to manage it .

3. How much does the ride cost to operate?

The cost to operate a ride over the course of a day is less than a continually running light bulb.

4.How can I maximize income from a kiddie ride?

The location is the most important. If no kids can find the ride, it will generate NOTHING.

Keep the ride clean!

Rotate your rides frequently between locations. Kids grow tired of riding the same ride continually.

5. How to clean the kiddie rides?

Cleaning kit contents: toothbrushes, WD-40, window cleaner, putty knife, rags, etc.

6.Do your coin acceptor work with different national coins?

Sure. We use CPU coin acceptor for our kiddie rides. I can accept any coin/token

7.How much weight can your kiddie rides stand?

Our kiddies rides can bear 50 kg (110.23 lb) per seat. Moreover, they can withstand up to 80kg (176.37 lb) per seat one moment in time.

8.Can your kiddie rides work with different voltage & frequency specs (non European standards)?

Do not worry! We will customize our kiddie rides to your voltage & frequency specs. We have plenty of experience exporting our products all over the world.

which the diameter is 20-28mm and thickness is 1.2-2.5mm.

9.What parameters could I program on your kiddie rides?

Music ,Sound volume, number of games per coin, game time,etc

10.How long time to get the money back?

Usually our clients can get profits in 1-2 months.

7.Factory cases 2


8.Customer visit




10.Range of Hansels Products:

Coin operated Rides: Plush animal electric scooters, Fiberglass kids rides, Horse carousel.

Family&Kids Rides: Bumper Car, Coffee Cup ride, Merry-go-round, Trackrain, Trackless train

Carousel Ride: Seahorse Carousel, Merry-go-round, Large amusement equipmentes etc.

Indoor Playground: Children Playground Equipment, Soft electric toys, School playgrounds

Inflatable : Inflatable combo, Inflatable house, Inflatable slide, Inflatable castle, Inflatable fun city, Inflatable obstacle, Inflatable water games, Inflatable sports, Inflatable pools, etc.

Coin game machine for game zone: video game machines, redemption game machines, etc.


Welcome to inquire for more information ,(^_^)

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