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Indoor Amusement Games Kids Coin Operated Rides

indoor amusement games kids coin operated rides 1. Product introduction of kids ride machine A kiddie ride is a coin-operated amusement ride for small children. Kiddie rides are commonly available in amusement parks, arcades,malls, hotel game rooms and outside supermarkets and discount...

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indoor amusement games kids coin operated rides


1. Product introduction of kids ride machine

A kiddie ride is a coin-operated amusement ride for small children. Kiddie rides are commonly available in amusement parks, arcades,malls, hotel game rooms and outside supermarkets and discount department stores. Less commonly, they may also appear in other venues such as restaurants, food courts, grocery shops and auto dealerships. When activated by a coin, a kiddie ride entertains the rider with motion, depending on the ride type (miniature Ferris wheel, miniature carousel, track ride or stationary platform ride). Most rides include sounds and music, and some feature flashing lights, pedals, and buttons.

2. Product specifications of kids ride machine

kiddie rides type

MP3 kiddie rides, boat kiddie rides

Mode No.

HS6322 mushroom boat kiddie rides

Product Size


Product seat

2 seats for kids playing






coin operated and electrical

Main material

fiber glass body, metal base stand

Main parts

control box, motor, CPU coin acceptor,

Bearing capacity

50KG for each seat

Play time

MP3 kiddie rides (2-5 minutes)


car oil painting for fiber glass, no harm for kids


1-6 year kids

Business place

Game center, amusement park, family entertainment center, indoor and   outdoor park, stores, shopping mall, etc




3.The common sense of kiddy ride machine

In the kids amusement park , usually there is a Note which are installed in eye-catching place , read it carefully before riding, do not climb over the fence. passengers must wait outside in the security fence.

1)Children are not allowed to ride kiddie rides alone.

2)Do not stand for taking pictures: when rides in operation, must not be arbitrary stand or squat and take the pictures.

3) Passengers should order the command of staff . up and down the car, please note your head and feet, so as not be bumped or fell.

4)Take care of your own items: when it’s running, we should take good care of our own goods, never outward scattered and throwing. For some decorations that easy to fall, Please take off them in advance.

4.Product features and applications of kiddy ride machine

1) Motor is the key parts and power system of kiddie rides. A good motor will support the kiddie rides in good condition and with longer lifetime. We use high quality motor to make the kiddie rides working stably and offer strong support.

2) Our kiddie rides include stronger metal base and high quality fiber glass reinforced plastic body. We use environmental oil painting. All the kiddie rides are with smoothness surface.

3) We have over 100 different designs of kiddie rides. Those kiddie rides are specially designed to attract kids’ eyes. The colorful lights are shiny and more attractive during night.

4) Our customers are all over the world for kiddie rides. With fast delivery, stable quality and effective service, we keep many business partners with long - term business cooperation.

5) We have CE certificate for our kiddie rides.


5.Products qualification of our coin operated kiddie rides -How to buy kiddie rides easily

Same kiddie rides for sale in same size or similar designs, but price is different in large range. For the same device, why the price is so different , how to choose cheap products with good quality.

1) The quality of kiddie rides: ensuring the normal operation of kiddie rides is the most basic, if a customer on the ride of your kiddie rides when the problem occurs, certainly it will affect the customer's mood to play, they will think your product is not good and not play again. In order to attract long-term customers, you must show customers that your product is good.

2) The materials for kiddie rides: Fresh and bright painting will attract players at the first sight of kiddie rides. For fiber glass products, car oil painting are needs to make the kiddie rides looks like brighter.

3) The style of the kiddie rides: For children, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and sweet music are the first elements to attract them, the first time to make a good impression on visitors, then they will become your customers.

4) Manufacturer's qualifications:If a manufacturer don't have production qualification, there is no corresponding documentation procedures, then you are buying a kiddie rides without identity card; , the quality will not guaranteed.


6. FAQ of Hansel coin operated kiddie rides

1) Why to invest kiddie rides as business?
Coin rides are main products of the amusement industry for decades, kiddie ride is not subject to fads or trends. A ride will keep returning whatever is desired – smiles, good behavior, money – for years to come.

2) What is the bearing weight of your kiddie rides?

Our kiddies rides can bear 50 kg (110.23 lb) per seat. Moreover, they can withstand up to 80kg (176.37 lb) per seat one moment in time.

3) Can we choose our vend price?
Absolutely! For single stand kiddie rides, you can set 1-9 coins to play one time. For other rides, you can set 1-4 coins to play one time.

4) Can rides sit outside?
Definitely! All rides are designed to operate for years outdoors.

5) How can I maximize income from a kiddie ride?

The location is the most important. If no kids can find the ride, it will generate NOTHING.

Keep the ride clean!

Rotate your rides frequently between locations. Kids grow tired of riding the same ride continually.

6) What parameters could I program on your kiddie rides?

Music ,Sound volume, number of games per coin, game time,etc

7) Where can I find spare parts of your machines?

We can also offer spare parts separately . You can buy some common parts for stock while buying machines.

8) How many models do you have for kiddie rides?

We can offer over 100 different designs of kiddie rides. Please feel free to contact with us for further information.


7. Coin operated kiddie rides in workshop




8. package and delivery of kiddie rides


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