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Jungle Theme Indoor Playground for Toddlers

Hansel Electronic has grown into a leading manufacturer and exporter of playground equipment, children's indoor playground equipment, coin operated children rides, children inflatable playground equipment, children amusement park equipment for shopping malls, residential areas, parks,...

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Hansel Electronic has grown into a leading manufacturer and exporter of playground equipment, children's indoor playground equipment, coin operated children rides, children inflatable playground equipment, children amusement park equipment for shopping malls, residential areas, parks, kindergartens, restaurants, and other family entertainment centers. Our growth and success can be attributed to our innovative designs and high quality products (playground equipments, indoor playground equipment , coin operated toys for kids, children toy rides by coin) at competitive prices, combined with a high level of customer service.


Hansel indoor playground details

The main material:engineering plastics, PVC, galvanized steel pipe frame, steel pipe, sponge, wood.

The main components : Giant wave slide, ball pool, fun battle area, gun shooting, tunnel , jumping bed, adventure bridge, etc.

Plastic pipes and slide: use SK corp LLDPE rotomolding material by rotational moulding , meet the standard of the GB/T4454-1996 and Australian food grade standard, 6mm plastic wall thickness, gorgeous color, magnitude 8 for resisting ultraviolet (UV) capacity , anti-static,green, good weather resistance, high strength

Platform/rainbow ladder/single-plank bridge: wood inside with Heavy foam sponge in the middle and PVC outside, high intensity, good safety performance

Pipe cover: PVC with shining leather, thickness: rainbow ladder, colorful, fire-proof.

pipe: diameter:48mm

safe net : made by high strength nylon cord knitting machine,good safety performance , meet the standard of GB/T3091-2001

connectors :made by ductile iron, with special high strength locking screw

Screws: Galvanized high-strength screws, with environmental protective plastic cover

ground mat :High-density safe and green EVA foam, 100*100*2.0cm

Place: shopping mall, amusement park, game center, kindergarten, restaurant, fairground, etc.

We provide you design and inside items,installation instructionsimg15030.JPGimg30971.JPG

Questions of Hansel indoor playground:

What are kid’s naughty castle /kid’s playground?

Indoor playground is one kind of soft playground . We can also call it indoor playground, soft playground, children play house, children maze, etc. It is new with various attractive amusement items for kids. The kids can drill, climb, slip, roll, shake,rock inside. Children can develop independent personality, do exercise and to be more active. Every parent wants to give their kids a happy childhood. Please do not miss the good chance to set up a happy paradise for kids, also for you to make long term and stable profits.

Which kind of indoor playground Hansel can offer?

A: Traditional naughty castle without electronic items

B: traditional naughty castle with some electronic items

C: electronic soft playground for small kids

Feedback of our indoor playground from different countries

Our indoor playground enjoys good reputation from clients in different countries like Sweden, Armenia, Burma, Romania,Russia,Chile,etc.

What do you need to offer to us for make a new design?

A.length, width, height of your place,the location of the entrance.

B.the location and size of the pillars if there are.

Players for indoor playground

1-15 years kids

Place for kids indoor playground

supermarket, commercial center, KFC & McDonald s’ restaurant, family, shopping mall, shopping center, game center, amusement park, etc

More details about our Hansel playground equipment

(1) If I have an indoor playground of 100m², how many kids can be accommodated at one

time ?

Normally, one square meter space can accommodate1-2 children so 100m² indoor playground

can accommodate 100-200 children at one time.

(2) How long does it take to get a plan or design ? How about the production time?

It depends on the size of your playground.Take a 100m2 indoor playground as an example, it

takes 2-3 days to finish an initial design and about 15 days for production.

(3) How much will the indoor playground cost ?

As the indoor playground is always custom designed and involves many products and

accessories,the price has to be calculated based on the final design.

(4) How to maintain and clean the indoor playground?

Maintenance: everyone should take off his shoes when entering the indoor playground; the

EVA mat must be avoided to step by shoes with high heels.

Cleaning: use cleaning rag to clean the surface of the indoor playground periodically.

(5) I already have an playground, now I want to buy some new toys, do you sell the separate


Yes, we can sell the separate components to you, such as electric toys(coconut palm, water

bed, etc) , small plastic toy( indoor slide, kids cars, etc).

Hansel factory cases of indoor playground



Customer come to visit



Coin operated fiber glass rides:kiddie rides ,Carousel rides, mini train, revolving elevator, helicopters, bumper cars, track trains,etc. Hansel company can supply over 100 different models of children rides which can meet most of our clients demands.The most popular designs are cars, motors, some animal designs, trains,etc. They are suitable for store, game center, amusement park, shopping center, game center, etc.We have successfully installed bumper cars area for our clients in different countries such as Iraq, Armenia, Pakistan, etc.

Hansel main products

Animal scooter rides: Hansel company can offer over 40 different Animal scooter rides for mall.These animal plush rides are popular in the world market and are very attractive for kids in shopping centers, amusement parks, indoor playground, events, parties,etc. The main markets are European and South American countries such as USA, Spain, France, Russian Federation, Chile, Venezuela, Netherlands, etc.

Soft playground: You never know what you are going to find at Hansel indoor playground as we are constantly on the search for new and exciting playground equipment. However, one thing that we can guarantee is our indoor play facility for kids is always going to feature some of the equipment that kids seem to enjoy most, including Slides,Ball pits,Climbing structures,Inflatable structures,Child-sized jungle gym,etc.

Inflatable products: inflatable castle, inflatable slide, bouncing castle, etc. There are both small size and large size. The small size castle are good for home use in the back garden. The large size castle,slide can be put in game center, amusement park, etc.

Coin operated game machines : such as racing machines, shooting machines, gift machines, redemption machines, basketball machines, dancing machines, air hockey,etc.



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