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Children's rides - autonomous aircraft class
Apr 17, 2018

6 arm controlled airplane: the automatic control plane is composed of mechanical, pneumatic and oil pressure and electrical system. It is a kind of amusement equipment which revolves around the center of the vertical axis and rises and falls freely. Aircraft rocket rotation around the center, and gradually rise, tourists in flight hold lever lifting at random, chasing and shooting each other, image is clear air combat acousto-optic effect, is blissfully unaware, the amusement equipment not only excellent performance, simple operation, and novel modelling, elegant charming lights decoration, realistic air combat sound effects. It is a modern amusement park with high altitude cloud driving and free leisure.

The carnival ship: the carnival ship is equipped with a bicycle pedal, and the pedal can rotate and lift itself. It is a fun project integrating fitness and entertainment, which is favored by the customers. The exterior of this product is equipped with colorful neon lights, and the sound of the music is harmonious and melodious, with the tourists' feet rising and falling, the whole scene is very lively and spectacular.

Rotating pirate ship: a new design of automatic control class amusement machine, is a kind of vertical shaft rotate amusement project, the equipment based on pirates of the Caribbean theme, novel design and unique structure, beautiful modelling, favored by tourists like, especially children's favorite. It is suitable for use in various parks, indoor and outdoor amusement parks, etc.

Crazy car flying: crazy car flying is a popular amusement project popular among children and adults, with novel design, unique structure and beautiful shape. The novel lamp is decorated, the beautiful music makes people can experience the happiness in the dizziness in the play, can experience the thrill of the spinning jump, give people the feeling of easy stimulation. This equipment is widely used in various indoor and outdoor amusement parks, recreation area, home entertainment center, park and square etc.

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