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Children's rides - viewing car class
Apr 17, 2018

Three - dimensional space ring: the three - dimensional space ring is a new type of amusement equipment developed by the simulator of training pilots. Tourists in 360 of arbitrary rotation, when fast slow, which made a rider realized three-dimensional sense of space to rotate, exercise and fun, was welcomed by the majority of young people. The equipment covers an area of small area, operation and maintenance is simple, thrilling and exciting, therefore has the high investment price performance.

Miniature pendulum hammer: the miniature pendulum is beautiful and structural science. The tourists ride on the pendulum swing with high speed, dazzling and exciting. Visitors can't help but cry and laugh, which greatly improves the fun atmosphere of the whole amusement park, leaving many visitors reluctant to leave.

Children's ferris wheel: children's ferris wheel, also known as children's view car, is derived from the large theme ferris wheel, specially designed for children and teenagers. It is available in single and double sides, with 5 flower seats hanging on each plate. Tourists sit in a basket, slowly rising up, overlooking the surrounding landscape. The equipment is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor amusement parks, parks, squares, home entertainment centers and other places.

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