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Common problems with inflatable castles
Apr 17, 2018

1. Paste requirements

Apply the glue evenly to the paste and the cloth, then hang it for half a minute, then paste the cloth to the paste, press it flat and then stick it out.

Toys are cut.

(1) the row length is longer than 5cm and should be sewn on the needle thread, then pasted with cloth or cloth.

(2) cut the mouth small to 5cm and paste directly.

3. Seam opening.

First, sew the opening with a sewing thread to smooth the opening, (or from the bottom of the air cushion to open and sew), can be pasted to handle the opening in a firm, and also consider the beautiful.

4. Beautify the edge.

Apply proper amount of glue to the edge with small brush, then press down and press firmly.

5, come unglued

Part of easy to wear after long use of easy to degumming, the cloth can be cut into different shapes in the adhesive paste can be.

6. Large air leakage.

Toys after using for a long time, because of some parts pinhole seam widening, air leakage, can consider to use cloth paste in juncture place, reduce the air leakage, such as the toy is too old, should consider to scrap, case management problems.

7. The air cushion local abnormal raised.

Generally, the pull towel is torn open from the air cushion, and the bottom of the air cushion can be separated along the line, connecting the tension reinforcement with the air cushion with the needle thread, and then sticking with the cloth strip to protect the seam.

8. Common sense

(1) before the toy is released, use a half dry towel to clean the surface of the toy, dry it and air it, and store it in a cool and clean place;

(2) if the toy is not properly kept in water, it will be blown up in a dry and ventilated place when it is unable to be discharged, and the water will be dried until the water is evaporated.

(3) the blower should be stored in a dry and ventilated place in case of damp.

(4) long-term storage of toys should be checked regularly for moisture, and should be blown up and cleaned in the ventilated place.

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