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Sliding slide classification
Apr 17, 2018

According to the use site: indoor slide and outdoor slide; By size: small slide and large slide. By shape: straight, oblique, wavy, small S, big S, three canister; Level: single slip and double slide;

Jingse and baffle and slide - imported engineering plastics, infiltration of anti-uv agents, anti-static agent and decoloring elements, strength, smooth surface, good elasticity, safe environmental protection, good weather resistance, do not fade.

Steel parts - the column adopts galvanized steel pipe, which is not rust. It is sprayed with sand, sand and sand. The surface is treated with double layer spray coating with plastic powder, 180 degrees of high temperature curing and anti-ultraviolet radiation.

Wooden parts - high quality imported eucalyptus wood, hard wood, good drying property, strong water resistance, not easy to wear, not easy to crack, not easy to deform.

Rope net class parts - using Marine cable, durable, safe and reliable.

Slide also has the limit of the age, children should play and his age in accordance with slide, the slide of slope should be suitable for the child's age, younger children don't play with steep long slide, otherwise prone to accidents. The connection between the platform above the slide and the handrail shall be closed and smooth. If there is a "v" type of gap or abrupt place, the handrail is easy to scrape the clothes. Before taxiing, make sure the steps of the slide and the rails on the platform are absolutely secure. Parents should teach children the correct way to slide. For example, when the face slides toward the slide, the two sides of the hand slide can slide down smoothly. And let the children in front slide after the end, otherwise, it is easy to knock down the children in front of you, you will be able to leave immediately after your own slide. The parents were watching. In the process of children's slide, parents should take care of the children nearby to prevent the children from using the slide properly and have a safety accident.

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