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Characteristics Of The Naughty Fort Product
Apr 17, 2018

Naughty castle project belongs to customize products, although the advantage is one-time investment industry returns for the rest of my life, but the disadvantage is that if you want to cancel the store equipment rate of depreciation is quite high, second the similar equipment used for a few months in selling words is worth a couple of ten thousand yuan, because of the naughty castle equipment is customized products on the next field need a second, and the original can, retainer, mat, adhesive, wallpaper and other items will not be able to use need to change, in the process of handling some outsourcing soft skin will be damaged need heavy bag, so the rate of depreciation of close to 90%, and more difficult to sell, as a family to decorate do again good is not valuable, dismantled and so once ready, as long as you can try to stick to it, because from shop will be very bad, cause huge losses.

Naughty fort, since the last century in America and other countries gradually popular, not only because of its playability, but also get the affirmation of the science on YiZhiXing. After years of development, naughty fort on YiZhiXing has incomparable advantage over other educational toys.

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