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Maintenance Method Of Inflatable Castle
Apr 17, 2018

1. In order to ensure the normal service life of your equipment, you should not play too many children during the startup. Generally, it can hold 3 square meters of a child on the air mold.

2. The small molding on the facility will be used for decoration, so that the child cannot be pulled hard and torn to avoid damage.

3. When children play, they should not be allowed to scribble on the equipment with hard objects to avoid damage.

4. If the equipment is damaged, special adhesive can be applied to the broken and spare PVC materials. After 5 minutes, the adhesive will not be glued, and the adhesive will be glued together.

5. The air pressure on the equipment is too soft, check for excessive air leakage, tear holes, or power failure; The air pressure is too stiff to keep the fan's intake a bit. 6. If a large area of improper use is damaged, the factory can provide professional maintenance service or send it back to the factory for maintenance.

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