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The Drawbacks Of The Grid Bumper Cars
Apr 17, 2018

1. Easy to be restricted by the site, with large initial investment.

2. Safety problems should not be solved, and accidents are easy.

3. It is inconvenient and time-consuming to move the field.

4. Equipment investment is large.

Construction cost of ground network site.

The ground network bumper car needs to design the site, the investment cost is big, the battery car needs to buy the battery, the investment amount is small.

In terms of playability, there is a lot of competition between the ground and the ground network, and the key network will be able to drift, after all, the price is very different.

The investment in the cost investment of the ground network, including the following:

1. The construction fee of the main expense site, because the ground network needs to be covered with steel plate and circuit control system, it needs to be calculated according to 100 square meters, which requires at least 8-100,000 yuan, and the specific price is based on local prices.

2. A control cabinet will be required for the underground bumper car, and the price of the control cabinet will be 3 to 4 thousand yuan.

3. There will be ten bumper cars to run on a small site, which is much more expensive than a battery car. One of the cheapest ones is between 8,000 and 12,000 yuan.

So, 100 flat ground net bumper car, initial investment fund is above 200 thousand yuan, this still does not consider transportation installation, site construction cost.

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